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Regula Now Offers Fully LED-Equipped Video Spectral Comparators

Traditional light sources, which were widely used in forensic equipment for many decades before, had several disadvantages. They consumed more energy, generated heat, and required special disposal. Completely replacing them with LED illuminators, which are devoid of these imperfections, was a revolutionary step in the industry.

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Regula Has Achieved Complete LED Illuminator Coverage in Comparators (Photo: Business Wire)

The latest transition to LED has been implemented across all the company’s comparators, where traditional lamps for examinations under UV-B and UV-C were replaced by LED light sources. Now, the Video Spectral Comparator Regula 4306 is fully equipped with LED illuminators, while 99% of the light sources in other Regula comparators utilize LED technology. These include narrowband, UV, IR and high-intensity IR light sources, which are essential for observing luminescence effects in documents and banknotes, as well as for conducting hyperspectral analysis of examined objects.

This change improves the examination accuracy and efficiency, contributes to the safety of examined objects, and provides comfortable working conditions for forensic experts.

“Regula was the first forensic equipment manufacturer to begin integrating LED light sources into forensic hardware solutions back in 1998. Throughout this time, we have continued to implement LED illuminators for different light ranges as soon as they became available. Now, we’ve reached a further milestone by equipping our devices with LED illuminators for examinations under medium- and short-wave ultraviolet light,” said Alex Lewanowicz, Director of Hardware Engineering at Regula.

As non-destructive examination methods, lighting and filtering techniques are frequently used in forensic science to examine banknotes, as well as printed and handwritten documents, in order to determine their authenticity, detect signs of forgery, or restore faded fragments of text in historic records. When using LED illuminators, neither the temperature nor the intensity of the lighting changes, allowing for exact reproduction of the results of previous studies. Additionally, LED light sources don't damage the examined documents, thanks to the absence of heat. This is significant when working with objects requiring careful handling.

Using LED illuminators also contributes to environmental sustainability. They require almost no maintenance and replacement over time, thanks to their low level of overheating and their technical excellence, which streamlines the work of forensic experts and reduces operating costs.

Regula’s family of advanced forensic equipment now includes four video spectral comparators, with the Video Spectral Comparator Regula 4306 serving as one of the leading models. Tailored to a wide range of forensic examinations, these hardware solutions are now utilized in numerous forensic laboratories around the globe.

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