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INCERT Announces That Keys&More Brings Bespoke KMS to Manufacturers

Digital public agency INCERT GIE Luxembourg expands to the private sector with today’s launch of Keys&More, a hardware-agnostic enterprise key management system (KMS) designed for the complex deployment needs of manufacturers and industrial providers.

The KMS solution combines (1) a powerful platform for centralized management, (2) flexible deployment options and (3) strategic consulting services. Available via a cloud-based (KMSaaS), on-premises or hybrid option, Keys&More streamlines management of the entire key lifecycle: key preparation, creation, rotation, disabling, archiving and deletion.

Through one user-friendly platform, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) oversee user management, digital signatures, encryption, decryption and beyond. This unified system helps them achieve compliance, boost operational efficiency, cut costs and apply cryptography best practices.

As a platform-independent solution, Keys&More functions with any cloud provider and multiple HSM and database vendors.

“Our value lies in our customizable deployment options. We know that the reality of cybersecurity can be messy: It’s common for larger organizations to find themselves with a patchwork of diverse processes and tools,” explains Benoit Poletti, Chief Executive Officer, INCERT. “Our solution turns that patchwork into one cohesive KMS. We adapt to the expertise and systems already present within a company, not the other way around. We’re making responsible key management as painless as possible, while unlocking new strategic opportunities.”

Keys&More expects to resonate with the automotive industry due to its (1) complex deployment needs, (2) growing dependence on connected devices and (3) industry regulations. The solution empowers organizations to safely leverage transformative trends, such as Vehicle-to-Everything, the Internet of Things and production line digitalization.

“This product is the result of INCERT’s historical skillset, our years of collaboration with a major automotive technology provider and our engagement with regulatory committees and R&D projects,” explains Sylvain Arts, Chief Business Officer, INCERT. “We really understand the challenges keeping OEMs from streamlining their key lifecycle management. But new regulations, especially in the automotive industry, mean that the adoption of a cohesive KMS solution cannot wait.”

“There is a strong business case for adopting a centralized KMS solution,” adds Benoit Poletti. “Crisis management, market positioning, compliance and auditing processes all improve with Keys&More. Having an efficient KMS in place makes it easier for organizations to scale, adapt and evolve—including, for example, transitioning to a post-quantum environment.”

“INCERT gave us the best value for money,” recalls INCERT’s major automotive industry client. “We could not live without them […]. Before they were an option, now they are a fundamental piece of the infrastructure. [… They were] very good at getting us everything we needed.”


INCERT was launched by the Government of Luxembourg in 2012 as a public digital services partner focused on critical IT infrastructure & verification of digital signatures. It soon began consulting foreign governments on the topics of public key infrastructure, identity management, standards & cybersecurity. Offering an entire ecosystem of services & solutions, INCERT’s public & private sector projects span the globe. With over a decade’s worth of insight, INCERT has developed its own unified KMS solution: Keys&More.

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