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Denmark contributes to rebuilding the Ukrainian energy sector after massive Russian attacks


A Danish contribution of 40 million DKK to the Ukrainian energy system is on route after massive Russian attacks on the infrastructure, which has left many without electricity. With the new funds, Denmark delivers yet another substantial contribution to ensure that the Ukrainian energy supply is maintained.

In March, Ukraine faced the most comprehensive missile attacks against their energy infrastructure since the war began in February 2022. The intensified attacks are seen as a deliberate attempt to compromise Ukrainian power supply that is essential for functioning water and heat systems, the health care sector and a functional army. 

”Ukraine got through this winter in a good state with regards to its energy supply– this despite continuous attacks on and destruction of critical energy infrastructure. The last few weeks, Russia has increased its targeted attacks and we’ve seen extensive destruction against Ukrainian energy infrastructure. Denmark  provides 40 million DKK as a  contribution to the necessary rebuilding in order for Ukraine to maintain its energy supply,” says Minister for Development Cooperation and Global Climate Policy.

With the new contribution of 40 million DKK, Denmark is helping to ensure the energy supply– and with this, the Ukrainians access to water and heat – next winter. The money comes from the civil fund in the Danish government’s Ukraine Fund.

”Energy security and supply is being used as a weapon against Ukraine to wear down Ukrainian citizens. From our side, we will do whatever we can to make their energy systems as robust and sustainable as possible. We are not yet at the finish line so I’m happy to be able to present this contribution on behalf of Denmark. This will help Ukraine rebuild and develop an energy system that is more resistant to both rough winters and Russian attacks,“ says Minister for Climate, Energy and Utilities Lars Aagaard.

Denmark has previously supported the rebuilding of destroyed energy facilities through the Ukraine Energy Support Fund – a fund that was established in the multilateral organization Energy Community shortly after the invasion. The fund coordinates purchase and delivery of equipment to companies and utility companies.

As well as previous contributions, Denmark has also delivered a so-called urgent technology catalogue to increase resilience in the energy supply for winters to come. The catalogue is made by the Danish Energy Agency in close cooperation with the Ukrainian partners and will contribute to the selection of energy technologies, attraction of investments, anda foundation for donor assistance.

Read more about the emergency catalog here.

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