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In its third annual edition, ‘The Global 50’ addresses key opportunities, transformations, innovations and megatrends shaping the future of humanity

Dubai Future Foundation (DFF) launched the “Future Opportunities Report: The Global 50” today, highlighting the major opportunities, transformations and trends shaping the future of governments, economies, sectors, and ultimately the future of humanity.

The third edition of the yearly report was strategically launched at the largest annual government gathering in the world and a global platform for exploring the future of governments. The 50 opportunities outlined in the report are categorised into five main categories, including: Health Reimagined, Nature Restored, Societies Empowered, Systems Optimised, and Transformational Innovations. The opportunities were identified based on four assumptions: Lives Will Be Longer and Healthier, Climate Change Will Persist, Inequalities Will Continue, Technology Will Continue to Advance.

The launch of this report comes within a series of reports issued by the Dubai Future Foundation, the latest of which was “10 Megatrends Shaping Our Future,” launched during the World Governments Summit 2024 hosted in Dubai in February.

Health Reimagined

Key opportunities include: establishing a global bank of bacterial strains to facilitate the development of treatments; clothes that deliver essential nutrients; nanobots that regenerate muscles and combat aging; 3D printed human organs; personalised radiology; addressing loneliness on Earth through experiments in space; learning from the ocean to enhance pharmaceutical and food sectors; and technology that compensates for human senses.

Nature Restored

Key opportunities include: Approaching cities as ecosystems; the ability to provide infinite drinking water; expediting the growth of trees and plants; redesigning environmental policies; and tidal energy.

Societies Empowered

Opportunities in the area of empowering communities include: leveraging digital transformations to safeguard culture; adopting new approaches to promoting mental health; making AI solutions accessible; and benefiting from new pathways of development in different societies.

10 Megatrends

The report, prepared in collaboration with 25 global experts and several partners of the Dubai Future Foundation, also outlines the top 10 megatrends that will shape the future of these opportunities and help turn them into reality.

The full version of the 2024 “Future Opportunities Report: The Global 50” is available in Arabic and English:

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