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Hanshow Unveils Pioneering Green Retail Innovations at EuroCIS 2024

Hanshow, a leader in retail technology innovation, today unveiled a series of Green Store Solutions, designed to accelerate the retail industry towards a sustainable future. Complementing this new product, Hanshow has also released a comprehensive Green Digitalization Report alongside tech partners Microsoft, Intel, and E Ink.

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Hanshow at EuroCIS 2024 (Photo: Business Wire)

The Polaris Pro Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL) series stands out with its high screen-to-body ratio, multi-color display capabilities, and user-replaceable battery system designed for longevity, embodying Hanshow's commitment to sustainability. This advanced ESL solution is set to reduce paper waste, improve pricing accuracy, and enhance the overall aesthetic of modern retail environments.

Building on the innovative leadership of the Polaris Pro, Hanshow's Green Store Solutions extend beyond ESLs to include dynamic in-store marketing and AI-driven solutions. These innovations optimize store performance through targeted promotions, precise inventory management, and real-time data insights, facilitating smarter, greener operations.

To push the boundaries of what is possible in retail further, Hanshow integrates GenAI technology into its digital retail Solutions, enhancing operational efficiency and customer experiences. This adoption of GenAI simplifies complex processes and decision-making, making retail operations more efficient and intuitive. GenAI serves as an assistant to both store associates and customers, enabling easier navigation, personalized shopping experiences, and enhanced staff productivity.

Hanshow’s authoritative Green Digitalization Report, highlighting the dual benefits of digitalization and sustainability. The report, produced in cooperation with Microsoft, Intel, and E Ink, offers a deep dive into how retailers can use green digitalization as a double engine for growth, marrying eco-efficiency with cutting-edge innovation.

"Hanshow is proud to be at the forefront of the movement towards a greener, more digital future for retail," said Liangyan Li, SVP and Head of Global Sales at Hanshow. "With the introduction of the Polaris Pro series and our comprehensive Green Store Solutions, including our pioneering work on GenAI, we are paving the way for retailers to operate sustainably without compromising on customer satisfaction or operational excellence."

To further promote the many exciting ways in tech technology is laying a stronger foundation for sustainability in the retail industry, Hanshow’s Green Digitalization Report outlines actionable strategies to integrate sustainability into core business operations through innovative technologies. The report was released jointly with important contributions from industry partners such as Microsoft, Intel, and E Ink, and emphasizes myriad ways in which new technological advancements in AI, IOT, and data-driven decision-making will optimize management, reduce resource waste and store costs, improve associates’ work productivity and job satisfaction, and more accurately track and adjust customer experiences both in-store and online, all while helping retailers to meet sustainability targets.

Retailers eager to explore the Polaris Pro series, the suite of Green Store Solutions, and the findings of the Green Digitalization Report are invited to connect with Hanshow's team. Demonstrations and consultations are available to showcase how these initiatives can be seamlessly incorporated into existing retail frameworks.

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Hanshow is one of the global leaders in the development and manufacturing of electronic shelf labels and digital store solutions. The company offers customers a series of customized IoT touchpoints and digital store solutions that deliver customer-centric insights. Hanshow's solutions have provided services to a vast number of stores across more than 50 countries and regions, helping them streamline operations, optimize pricing strategies, and offer consumers a more personalized experience. Learn more:

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