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Denmark becomes first Nordic country to enter an agreement with Ukraine on security cooperation and long-term support


The agreement contributes to the international efforts to ensure long-term support for Ukraine.

Denmark has pledged support for Ukraine for a ten-year period to Ukraine. The agreement on security commitments comprises bilateral long-term military and civilian support based on Denmark’s positions of strength on F-16 combat aircraft, the reconstruction of Mykolaiv, and support for Ukraine’s reform efforts.

Denmark’s security commitments will be funded by the Danish Ukraine Fund which is financed until 2028. The total Danish support to Ukraine currently amounts to approx. EUR 9.3 billion.

 “With Denmark’s security commitments we are making a political pledge that secures our long-term support for Ukraine. We are sending the unequivocal signal that Ukraine can count on Denmark for as long as necessary. It is crucial that we support Ukraine now and in the long term, and it must be clear that Ukraine does not stand alone in its defence against Russia’s full-scale war of aggression,” says Minister for Foreign Affairs Lars Løkke Rasmussen.

“With the long-term military support included in the security commitments, Denmark is putting words into action we say that we will stand behind Ukraine’s fight for freedom for as long as necessary. Their fight is our fight, and our support makes a real and tangible difference. The security commitments include the continued donation of military equipment and training, as well as a much closer cooperation in areas such as cyber and intelligence cooperation,” says Minister of Defence Troels Lund Poulsen.

The agreement on security commitments will support Ukraine’s self-defence against Russia’s full-scale war of aggression and will contribute to the deterrence of future Russian aggression by strengthening Ukraine’s resilience.

The security commitments constitute a bridge towards Ukraine’s future EU and NATO membership. As part of this process, Ukraine is committing to implementing the necessary reforms to promote democracy, anti-corruption and democratic control of their security and defence forces.

The security commitments include a consultation mechanism which may be activated in the event of a future Russian armed attack against Ukraine. In such a situation, the countries supporting the G7-initiative of providing security commitments to Ukraine will immediately consider appropriate countermeasures such as renewed military and civilian support.

The international initiative to provide security commitments to Ukraine is lead by the G7, including Canada, France, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, Germany, and the United States. The initiative is now supported by a total of 32 countries and the EU, including the Nordic countries. To date, the United Kingdom, Germany and France have announced bilateral agreements on security commitments to Ukraine.

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