Cinema8 Partners with Dailymotion to Elevate Interactive Video Experiences

CAMBRIDGE, ENGLAND / ACCESSWIRE / February 20, 2024 / Cinema8, the innovative AI-core video experience platform, is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Dailymotion, a leader in video solution services. The partnership is set to revolutionise the digital media industry by adding interactivity to videos on Dailymotion's cutting-edge video technology.

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Cinema8 has been at the forefront of redefining video engagement, specialising in transforming passive viewing into dynamic, interactive experiences. The platform offers a diverse range of tools to enhance viewer engagement through its AI-core technology. Features like AI-generated subtitles with translations in over 100 languages, automating video management tasks like SEO-compatible video summarisation, and innovative interactivity options with over 1,000 ready-to-use widgets position Cinema8 as a key player in the digital video strategy domain.

This collaboration is expected to bring a wealth of benefits to both Dailymotion and Cinema8. By partnering with Cinema8, Dailymotion can offer interactive video player enabling enterprises to maximize their return on investment and reach their engagement goals, particularly in e-learning, video marketing, and corporate communications. Cinema8's array of interactive features, such as gamification, personalization, and shoppable elements, as well as its video creation tools like screen recording and video editing, will now be available to a broader customer through Dailymotion.

Mr. Alisan Erdemli, CEO of Cinema8, expresses his enthusiasm about the partnership: "With our recent partnership and integration features, we're excited to bring the limitless engagement power of interactive videos to Dailymotion customers. Interactive experiences are the future of viewing, and I'm looking forward to making streaming smarter a success with Dailymotion."

Remi Leclancher, VP Partnerships in EMEA at Dailymotion commented on the partnership, "This collaboration with Cinema8 represents a significant step in our ongoing effort to enhance the digital video experience for our customers. Cinema8's innovative approach to interactive content aligns with our vision of helping enterprises achieve their goals through cutting-edge video solutions."

Cinema8 and Dailymotion both remain committed to pushing the boundaries of digital video solutions. This partnership not only symbolises a key development for both organisations but also heralds a new era of interactive video content, promising to redefine viewer engagement in the digital age.

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