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I-care Launches the Wi-care 130 G23, a 100% Belgian High-precision Vibration Sensor With 3 Times More Powerful Data Flow

I-care, world leader in machine health, today presented the latest innovation in its Wi-care product range, the Wi-care 130 G23. This is the very first high-precision vibration sensor manufactured entirely in Belgium, capable of predicting more and more industrial breakdowns at an ever earlier stage. It is 100% autonomous, and therefore wireless, with a data flow that is 3 times more powerful and a battery life of 5 years. Thanks to this new technological innovation, I-care is strengthening AI-powered industrial maintenance 4.0. and enabling industries around the world to be more productive, safer and more sustainable.

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Wi-care 130 G23 (Photo: I-care)

The Wi-care 130 G23, the very first sensor to be manufactured entirely in Belgium, is a revolution in the predictive maintenance business. It is an innovative tool capable of carrying out 3 types of measurement on machines simultaneously: vibration analysis, shock identification and temperature monitoring. It incorporates the state-of-the-art technologies, in particular piezoelectric sensors, and works on all types of industrial machine.

The Wi-care 130 G23 is 100% autonomous, and therefore wireless. It has a battery that will last for more than 5 years of uninterrupted use, even when taking high-precision measurements that consume a lot of energy. The sensor is ATEX certified, with a data stream 3 times more powerful, offering high resolution and high frequency.

Like all products in the Wi-care range, this new sensor from I-care is fully integrated into the WaaS (Wi-care as a Service) ecosystem, an all-inclusive machine maintenance solution covering everything from hardware to support services via the iSee platform, including analysis and reporting. .

I-care is an expert in analysing machine vibrations to predict industrial failures months or even years before they occur. The Wi-care 130 G23 enables errors to be detected at an early stage, so that more and more industrial failures can be predicted earlier and earlier. In this way, I-care is delivering on its mission to "change the way the world works" by making industries around the world more efficient, safer and more environmentally friendly.

"With the Wi-care 130 G23, not only the design but also, and above all, the performance of Wi-care has been enormously improved. It's a real revolution, and 100% Belgian," says Fabrice Brion, CEO of I-care. "Above all, it's about enabling the industrial manufacturing companies to work better. At I-care, this is our way of contributing to a more efficient and sustainable economy.”

About I-care
The I-care Group is a world leader in machine health. Our mission is to change the way the world works. Our AI and data-driven solutions predict industrial failures months or even years before they occur. Thanks to I-care, machines around the world are safer, more productive and more sustainable. Founded in 2004 in Mons, Belgium, we employ over 800 people, with 36 offices in 16 countries (Asia-Pacific, EMEA and the US) and customers in over 55 countries.

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