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"Shared Body: Mykolayiv Young Photography" Exhibition


February 7, 2024 - Ukraine House in Denmark is proud to present the inaugural exhibition of the Mykolaiv School of conceptual and art photography (MYPH) in Denmark - “Shared Body: Mykolaiv Young Photography” - to open on February 24th. Founded in 2018 in Mykolaiv by a local photo prodigy Sergey Melnitchenko, the school and the collective of young Ukrainian photographers formed on its basis quickly became one of the most dynamic, compelling and prolific phenomena in contemporary Ukrainian culture.

Mykolaiv Young Photography
Mykolaiv Young Photography Ukraine House in Denmark

The exhibition presents more than eighty works by the school founder Sergey Melnitchenko and eight MYPH graduates, as well as three slideshows giving a comprehensive overview of the MYPH’s diverse creative output. Young authors work with a vast array of media, encompassing digital and analog photography, Polaroids, digitally and manually manipulated images, as well as projections and slideshows. Their projects convey a very tangible, physical experience of how it feels to be a Ukrainian in 2024, entering the third year of the full-scale russian invasion of Ukraine and after 10 years of ongoing war.

“It is of utmost importance for us to bring this exhibition to Denmark, a country that has consistently shown strong support for our hometown. Mykolaiv, the city where MYPH was born, has been a place where we have endured numerous challenges and criticisms, but it also is the bedrock of our energy and determination. Amidst all the trials, it's evident that we are moving in the right direction, and having the opportunity to showcase our work at the Ukraine House in Denmark is the best evidence to it and holds great significance for us. This exhibition allows us to not only present Mykolaiv photography but also to showcase the broader scope of Ukrainian youth photography,” - says Sergey Melnitchenko, who co-curated the exhibition together with Ukraine House in Denmark curator Katya Stukalova.

“The photos in this exhibition feature a diverse array of bodies - some exposed, others covered, and some purposely concealed behind clothing, ash, projections, or household items. Prior to the war, any reference to the concept of the body in relation to the southern parts of Ukraine, particularly the Mykolaiv region, would evoke associations with a hedonistic and laid-back ambiance, often connected to leisurely beach activities and the abundant fertility of the land. The body depicted in this exhibition happening two years after the start of the full scale invasion is far from being relaxed. It is hurting, it is tense, it is trying to protect itself or blend in with its environment. But it is also compassionate, projecting onto itself all the pains and dangers other compatriot bodies experience and endure”, - says Katya Stukalova, visual culture and contemporary art project curator at UHD.

“Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine has only reminded the world how shared and interconnected our reality is. Russia’s continuous attacks since February 24th of 2022 on Ukrainian civilian infrastructure and places of culture have made millions of Ukrainians displaced into homes they have to share with others. The decision by the Russian Federation to blackmail the world by attacking Ukrainian ships carrying grain to countries in need in 2022 has put many communities on the brink of world hunger. The fate of freedom in the world is currently in the hands of the Ukrainian soldiers and depends on the number of drones and devices provided by Ukraine’s allies – the like-minded nations who share our values and who are defending the ideals of human dignity together with us. The body of our life is shared. The body of our suffering is shared. Our success and our victory will be shared as well. This is especially true with countries like Denmark, a country that is not only leading other nations in provision of economic, military and humanitarian aid to Ukraine, but is also committed to the rebuilding of its cities — namely Mykolaiv. We are happy to introduce the young photography talents from Mykolaiv and amplify their precious perspectives for the Danish audience towards the tragic anniversary of the war of aggression." - says Nataliia Popovych, chairperson of Ukraine House in Denmark.

About MYPH: Over the course of 5 years, more than 250 students have graduated from the MYPH school. However, MYPH is not just about education; it's also a community of school alumni, numbering over 100 active authors today. Since 2018, MYPH has organized and participated in over thirty projects: exhibitions, festivals, and fairs in Ukraine, Poland, Italy, Germany, France, Austria, Hungary, the Netherlands, the USA, and Norway. For more information, please visit:

About UHD: The Ukraine House in Denmark is a Ukrainian cultural institution with a mission to deepen Ukrainian-Danish cooperation in the field of culture and creative industries for sustainable peace in Europe based on common values. Since inception, an international volunteer team has hosted more than 5,000 guests, held 4 exhibitions of Ukrainian modern art and wartime architecture, organized more than 50+ panel discussions involving 70+ Ukrainian and Danish parliamentarians, journalists, artists, architects, and other opinion leaders, integrated Ukrainian content into leading Danishcultural platforms, such as the Copenhagen Democracy Summit, Copenhagen Architecture Festival, Night of Culture.

Artists: Sergey Melnitchenko, Artem Humilevskyi, Xenia Petrovska, Natali Agryzkova, Veronika Mol, Savka, Iryna Kabysh, Li Biletska, Anastasiia Dekhtiaruk

Curators: Sergey Melnitchenko, Katya Stukalova

The exhibition will run from February 24 to May 26, 2024

Exhibition opening: Saturday, February 24, at 15:30 (entrance by invitation, press registration, or registration/ticket to the "Voices of Dignity" event).

Opening Hours: 

Tuesday - Friday 16:00 - 19:00

Saturday - Sunday 12:00 - 18:00 


Ukraine House in Denmark, Gammel Dok, Strandgade 27b, 1401, Copenhagen

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from the series “Life in Lines” (2022-2023)
from the series “Life in Lines” (2022-2023)
Sergey Melnitchenko, from the series “Tattoos of War” (2023)
Sergey Melnitchenko, from the series “Tattoos of War” (2023)
Li Biletska, 366 (2023)
Li Biletska, 366 (2023)
Natali Agryzkova, from the series “Hause Spiele” (2023)
Natali Agryzkova, from the series “Hause Spiele” (2023)
Artem Humilevskyi, from the series “The Roots” (2022-2023)
Artem Humilevskyi, from the series “The Roots” (2022-2023)

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Briefing from the Frontline: Meet the Da Vinci Wolves Battalion Defenders22.4.2024 07:00:00 CEST | Presseinvitation

Together with KOLO Nordic and Frihed for Ukraine, we invite you to a meeting with several soldiers from one of the most remarkable Ukrainian units, the Da Vinci Wolves Battalion, on 23.04.2024, 17:00 at the Ukraine House in Denmark. The battalion is known for their courage and fearless defense of Ukraine during the full-scale invasion, markedly during the Kharkiv counteroffensive. The soldiers that will be visiting are Serhii Filimonov, Alina Mykhailova, Andriy Pysarenko, Olexandr Yabchanka, and Oleksi Makhrynsky.

Decolonizing Mindsets for Security in Ukraine and Europe19.4.2024 07:00:00 CEST | Presseinvitation

Dear Friend of the Ukraine House, In 2024, we still witness the consequences of imperial ambitions and the legacy of colonialism affecting international relations in Europe and threatening European security. The full-scale Russian war of aggression against Ukraine showed the real danger of ignoring the voices of the colonised, repressed and persecuted, and regarding only the former empire as a worthwhile stakeholder in international relations. What would the world have looked like if Russia wasn’t received with impunity after it launched its brutal wars of recolonisation against Ichkeria, Moldova, Georgia and Ukraine? Perhaps currently we would not be facing the largest war in Europe since the Second World War.

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Earlier in spring, the Ukraine House in Denmark hosted an evening of new Ukrainian poetry and music with poet and translator Yuliya Musakovska arriving from Ukraine and the Copenhagen-based Ukrainian musician Sofia Shvager. The evening began with the presentation of Yuliya’s latest poetry collection “The God of Freedom” (2021). The key takeaways from the moderated presentation and Yulyia’s readings of her poetry are here:

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