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Expereo launches Enhanced Internet, the world’s first AI driven & fully internet-based solution to improve application performance globally

Expereo, the intelligent internet company that connects people, places and things anywhere, today launched its Enhanced Internet service, the first and only AI-driven solution that continually monitors the 100,000 networks that make up the internet and predicts the best performing route for companies’ network traffic.

Empowering Cloud Performance

Despite large investments into Cloud first strategies and SaaS applications, many enterprises are still experiencing inconsistent network performance that impacts employees productivity and experience. Enhanced Internet tackles this issue by improving the consistency and quality of application performance and enables businesses to get the most from their investments in cloud and SaaS strategies.

Companies typically spend approximately €500 per employee per month on cloud based applications. Despite this investment, issues in application performance can arise when their network traffic is impacted by latency, jitter, and poor performing routes. This can have serious implications, such as a decline in employee productivity and poor user experience, which can significantly impact the company’s financial performance.

Leveraging AI and Machine Learning to Improve Efficiencies

Enhanced Internet’s AI capabilities means that customers can experience the agility and accessibility of the public internet, combined with the reliability and consistent performance levels typically expected from a private network or MPLS solution. Expereo’s proprietary AI software does this by combining AI with Machine-Learning to intelligently and proactively route network traffic over the best possible path. For customers, the knowledge extends to predictive routes for specific situation by learning the most common traffic paths for their applications and therefore being ready to predict the path before the traffic is sent.

What businesses now have at their disposal is a self-healing network that can navigate past latency and packet loss caused by network congestion.

Complete visibility from a single login.

Paired with Expereo’s customer experience platform expereoOne, businesses can have complete visibility of the health of their network and transparency showing how Enhanced Internet has improved their application performance all from a single login. In addition to performance data, incident management, order status and invoices at site level, expereoOne displays latency and packet loss statistics, percentage of times routes have been changed and overall quality of service statistics personalized by Top 5 cloud destinations for their business. Complete visibility of how application performance has been improved by Enhanced Internet.

Sander Barens, Chief Product Officer for Expereo, commented: “Unpredictable network performance may not seem, at first, like an urgent threat to your business’ success. That is until you realize the increase demands and pressure it puts on IT teams, the damaging impact it has on business efficiency and hours of productivity downtime. With Cloud applications now laying the groundwork for so many modern businesses, connecting to the public internet with the best possible application user experience is the next logical step for global businesses looking to future proof their operations.

“At Expereo, we’re already using our latest AI solution, Enhanced Internet, to lift several customers into the internet age of enhanced connectivity, with very positive results and have big plans to elevate even more global enterprises into this new era of AI internet connectivity over the coming year.”

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About Expereo

Expereo is the intelligent internet company that connects people, places and things anywhere. Solutions include Global Internet, SD-WAN/SASE, and Enhanced Internet. With an extensive global reach, Expereo is the trusted partner of 60% of Fortune 500 companies. It powers enterprise and government sites in more than 190 countries, with the ability to connect to 600,000 locations worldwide, working with over 4,000 partners to help customers improve productivity and empowering their networks and cloud services with the agility, flexibility and value of the Internet, with optimal network performance.

Expereo was acquired in Feb 2021, by Vitruvian Partners. The international growth capital and buyout firm, acquired a majority shareholding from leading European private equity firm, Seven2.

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