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Dr. Ferrer BioPharma Awarded Winner at CPHI Pharmapack 2024 for Groundbreaking GentleMist Technology

Marking a milestone in pharmaceutical innovation and excellence, Dr. Ferrer BioPharma has been honored with a prestigious award at the renowned CPHI Pharmapack 2024, which took place at the Paris Expo, Porte de Versailles. The company’s groundbreaking GentleMist Technology received the "Patient-Centric Design" award, highlighting its revolutionary approach in intranasal drug delivery.

The GentleMist Technology represents a paradigm shift in the administration of medications as a cutting-edge intranasal drug delivery device that revolutionizes how medications are administered. Moving beyond the limitations of traditional nozzles, which causes discomfort, GentleMist Technology utilizes advanced fluid dynamics principles to create a gentler and more effective nasal spray. This innovative approach not only reduces discomfort but maximizes drug target delivery and optimizes droplet size distribution for improved absorption. Developed through a collaborative effort with leading fluid dynamics and clinical scientists from South Dakota State University, Bona Pharma, and the Cleveland Clinic, GentleMist Technology has shown superior performance, significantly enhancing patient comfort and therapeutic outcomes. With over 26 million units sold in the USA, Europe and the Caribbean, GentleMist Technology has achieved widespread acceptance and garnered positive patient experiences.

CPHI Pharmapack Awards serves as a prestigious platform for showcasing global innovation and highlights the industry’s commitment to progress and patient-centered solutions. Dr. Ferrer BioPharma's success at this prestigious event underscores its dedication to improving patient care through innovative pharmaceutical technologies.

Dr. Ferrer BioPharma holds multiple patents for medications and devices, distinguishing themselves by utilizing their proprietary GentleMist Technology in all their nasal and throat sprays. This unique feature provides a distinct advantage over competitors.

Nestled within the flourishing life sciences sector of South Florida, Dr. Ferrer BioPharma actively collaborates with local government initiatives, including those facilitated by the Broward County Office of Economic and Small Business Development.

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