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Tigo Energy Delivers Integrated, Solar-Optimized Residential EV Charging for the German Market

Tigo Energy, Inc. (NASDAQ: TYGO), a leading provider of intelligent solar and energy storage solutions, today announced the launch of the Tigo GO EV Charger for the German market. A smart charging station for electric vehicles, GO EV Charger offers seamless integration with the Tigo EI Residential solar-plus-storage solution. Available as both a single and three-phase charger up to 22 kW, the GO EV Charger can be wall-mounted indoors or outdoors and includes RFID technology for easy user authentication. With flexible charging modes tailored to accommodate homeowner use cases, the GO EV Charger can be installed and connected to the Tigo EI Inverter in minutes and managed centrally from the Tigo EI monitoring platform.

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Available to the German market as a single and three-phase charger, the GO EV Charger offers flexible charging and easy management, tailored to accommodate each homeowner’s unique use case. (Photo: Business Wire)

“The synergy achieved by the integration of the charger with the solar-plus-storage solution marks a significant milestone in the journey towards a future of holistic residential energy systems,” said Klaus Besier, Managing Director at Germany’s Elektrobau Meffert GmbH, one of the first GO EV Charger customers. “As a PV installer, I believe it is crucial to have a comprehensive solution where the components are designed to work together seamlessly for an expeditious installation process. When you add the outstanding Tigo support team, which speaks the installer’s language, and the EI monitoring platform that empowers system owners to match solar energy production with their specific needs proactively, you have a winning combination. Tigo streamlines our ability to deliver more efficient and cohesive systems to more customers.”

With GO EV Charger, the Tigo EI Residential solution provides an efficient renewable energy ecosystem capable of generating, converting, storing, and managing solar energy from the roof down to the everyday needs of homeowners. On the web or through the Tigo EI App, Tigo provides homeowners with sophisticated management tools, and the Tigo Energy Intelligence platform serves as the central management platform for installers to monitor and manage the systems in their portfolios.

“Tigo’s journey first started with technological innovations to make solar safer and more efficient, followed by technologies that increase solar production and reduce operating costs as well as power conversion and energy storage, and the GO EV Charger is a natural next step in this evolution,” said Massimo Migliorini, Director Business Development EMEA – EI at Tigo Energy. “Homeowners have the capacity not only to generate clean and sustainable energy but to intelligently manage, store, and use it in once unimaginable ways. This milestone exemplifies Tigo’s unwavering commitment to renewable energy and giving individuals the power to actively contribute to a cleaner, greener future.”

The release of the GO EV Charger comes on the heels of an introductory webinar scheduled for February 5th. This will be followed by digital and live training events for German PV professionals, hosted with Tigo distribution partners in Germany between February and March. Additionally, the training offered by Tigo Academy – also available in German – will be enhanced by a series of technical content dedicated to the new Tigo solution for e-mobility.

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About Tigo Energy

Founded in 2007, Tigo is a worldwide leader in the development and manufacture of smart hardware and software solutions that enhance safety, increase energy yield, and lower operating costs of residential, commercial, and utility-scale solar systems. Tigo combines its Flex MLPE (Module Level Power Electronics) and solar optimizer technology with intelligent, cloud-based software capabilities for advanced energy monitoring and control. Tigo MLPE products maximize performance, enable real-time energy monitoring, and provide code-required rapid shutdown at the module level. The company also develops and manufactures products such as inverters and battery storage systems for the residential solar-plus-storage market. For more information, please visit

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