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Altium Launches Altium 365 BOM Portal: Bridging the Gap Between Engineering and Procurement Teams

Altium, LLC (ASX: ALU), a global leader in electronics design systems, announces the launch of the BOM Portal within the Altium 365 platform. The BOM Portal is engineered to dramatically enhance collaboration between engineering and procurement teams, offering a unified approach to managing Bills of Materials (BOMs) in electronics design.

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Altium 365 BOM Portal: Designed to improve collaboration between engineering and procurement (Graphic: Business Wire)

Procurement professionals now have visibility into upcoming designs before they are released, enabling them to catch issues early in the development process. Both procurement and engineering teams benefit from a comprehensive dashboard that monitors all Bills of Materials (BOMs) in production and provides immediate insights into any parts supply issues.

The BOM Portal on Altium 365 fosters efficient collaboration and informed decision-making across the product lifecycle. By integrating with top data sources like Octopart, SiliconExpert, and S&P Global, it provides companies with real-time, accurate component data. This is crucial for making smart, data-driven decisions.

"We are thrilled to unveil the BOM Portal as an integral part of our Altium 365 platform," states Ananth Avva, GM and Sr. Vice President of Cloud Platform at Altium. "With the complexities of modern electronics development in mind, the BOM Portal addresses the critical point when the process moves from design to realization. Specifically, the BOM Portal creates a digital BOM that intelligently enables procurement, manufacturing, and engineering professionals to collaborate effectively. Our unwavering commitment to revolutionizing the electronics design process is evident in this launch, aiming to enhance efficiency, mitigate risks, and ensure a cohesive workflow. This commitment is extended into the ecosystem that we are building with strategic partners such as Silicon Expert, IHS, and Z2Data."

Key Capabilities of the BOM Portal:

  • BOM Management Integrated with Hardware Development: BOM Portal breaks down barriers between engineering and procurement teams, fostering direct communication and significantly reducing the risk of miscommunication, mistakes, and delays.
  • Advanced Data Integration: BOM Portal provides access to real-time, detailed component information from Octopart, S&P Global (formerly IHS Markit), SiliconExpert, and soon Z2Data, enhancing the procurement and design process.
  • Comprehensive BOM Management: BOM Portal equips users with tools for efficient BOM management, including automatic data enrichment with part details and lifecycle information.
  • Risk Mitigation: BOM Portal proactively identifies potential supply chain disruptions and component obsolescence, enabling timely responses to component and market fluctuations.
  • Cost and Time Efficiency: Up to 80% of PCB designs require part replacements, often taking 40 hours to resolve sourcing issues*. The capabilities of BOM Portal coupled with our data integrations reduces this to a fraction of the time, expediting the design process and reducing time to market.

The BOM Portal exemplifies Altium's ongoing innovation within the Altium 365 platform. It highlights Altium's dedication to creating integrated solutions for electronics development that not only reduce time to market but also enhance product quality and sustainability.

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About Altium
Altium, LLC (ASX: ALU)
Based in San Diego, California, Altium, LLC (ASX: ALU) is a recognized leader in the global electronics sector, relentlessly pushing the boundaries of innovation with its advanced software-based solutions. For over three decades, AltiumDesigner has been the go-to PCB design tool tailored for designers and electrical engineers. Our Altium 365 platform is an open, cloud-based solution that supports every phase of the electronics development lifecycle, from the initial concept to the final product realization and guarantees a smooth, integrated, and efficient workflow throughout the product development process. Furthermore, our Octopart search engine stands as the world’s most comprehensive and trustworthy resource for locating electronic components, streamlining the sourcing process for professionals. Catering to a broad spectrum of clients, ranging from individual innovators to sprawling multinational corporations, Altium is deeply committed to arming our users and customers with the essential solutions required to turn their innovative electronic ideas into market-leading products.

*A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Altium 365 in 2023. Results are based on a composite organization. Learn More.

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