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7 Benefits of Dry Fog Humidity Control System in SMT Processes | IKEUCHI

H. IKEUCHI & CO., LTD., a Japanese spray nozzles manufacturer, has launched a global campaign to introduce humidity control systems powered by “Dry Fog” technology.

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Each individual photo available upon request: IKEUCHI offers humidity control systems using Dry Fog not only preventing static electricity in SMT processes but also significantly slashing operating costs and CO2 emissions.(Photo: Business Wire)

“Dry Fog” is formed out of ultrafine water droplets, each measuring 10 μm or less in diameter, generated by specialized spray nozzles. This fog rapidly evaporates into the air without wetting the objects it touches.

In the realm of surface-mount technology (SMT) processes, effective humidity control is crucial to combat electrostatic discharge (ESD) issues and challenges arising from static electricity and dry air. IKEUCHI's Dry Fog Humidification System emerges as a groundbreaking solution, delivering seven key benefits.

1. ESD Damage Prevention
As electronic components shrink, susceptibility to electrostatic discharge increases. The Dry Fog system ensures a uniform humidity level, preventing the risk of ESD damage.

2. Reduced Pick-and-Place Errors
Maintaining optimal humidity levels minimizes errors in the pick-and-place process caused by components sticking to or popping out from the tape due to static charge, boosting productivity.

3. Consistent Solder Print Quality
Humidity control during solder printing prevents issues like rapid drying or excessive moisture absorption, ensuring consistent solder print quality and product reliability.

4. Airborne Particle Reduction
Humidification curbs airborne particles, reducing defects caused by particle adherence. The Dry Fog system significantly decreases airborne particles with increased humidity.

5. Significant Operating Cost Reduction
Compared to conventional steam humidification, the Dry Fog system slashes operating costs by 68%, resulting in $50,000/year savings and a 70% CO2 emissions reduction.

6. Cooling Cost Reduction
Evaporative cooling of the Dry Fog lowers ambient temperatures, yielding an $18,000/year saving in cooling expenses at an SMT facility.

7. Healthier Work Environment
Beyond manufacturing, the Dry Fog system reduces sick leave by maintaining a relative humidity of 50% or above, leading to fewer sick days during winter.

In conclusion, IKEUCHI's Dry Fog Humidification System is a comprehensive solution addressing crucial aspects of SMT processes, enhancing productivity, reducing costs, and fostering a healthier workplace. This technology offers a transformative approach to humidity control in electronics manufacturing.

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