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Hexadrone Starts C5 and C6 Drone Type Examination After Successful GAP Analysis of The TUNDRA 2’ Specification by Notified Body

Hexadrone SAS, A French Modular UAV’s Manufacturer Created in 2014 has successfully completed GAP Analysis for The Tundra 2 in its Urban and Endurance versions versus DR EU 2019/945 with intension for Class Identification Label C5 and C6. With the achievement of this milestone, the certification process for both Urban and Endurance Version have been now formally triggered by Hexadrone to be performed by the notified body NavCert GmbH.

The Tundra 2 is bringing on the market a key differentiator by providing extreme modularity on UAVs, integrating unlimited type of payloads used in various sectors like, Surveillance, Geospatial, Agriculture, Oil and gas, Military, Homeland security, Rescue and much more.

“Through an in-depth analysis based on European Union (EU) Regulation 2019/945, we have ensured that the specifications of the Tundra 2 as well as our user manuals fully meet the current requirements. This compliance will ensure that the TUNDRA 2 users will be able to fly in European airspace legally, in accordance with categories C5 and C6, from 2024.

The exceptional modularity of the TUNDRA 2 offers reliable technical solutions for a variety of sectors. Due to its standardized interfaces, it can be easily extended using a multitude of addons while maintaining its compliance with current standards,”- says Alexandre Labesse, CEO of Hexadrone.

NavCert GmbH (NB 2603), currently chairs the coordination group of notified bodies for unmanned aircraft systems in accordance with the Delegated Regulation(EU) 2019/945. NavCert GmbH is one of the three entities in Europe which are appointed to perform C5/C6 class drone conformity tests, to be operated within the category specific, for performing operations Beyond Ground Observation (BGO) also known as Beyond Vision Line Of Sight (BVLOS).

Marcel Visser, CEO of NavCert GmbH, stated, “Congratulations to Hexadrone on being first confirming both multicopter C5 and C6 Drone specification compliancy to Delegated Regulation (EU) 2019/945. We are honored to be the Notified Body (NB 2603) selected by Hexadrone to perform Type Examinations for both version of the Tundra 2. Our extensive experience and our contribution to the development of the EN 4709 standard have been invaluable in conducting the technical assessments on unmanned aircraft systems for civil use. We remain dedicated to upholding the requisite standards of quality and safety for drone operations within the European Union."


Starting 2024, Hexadrone is accelerating it’s worldwide expansion by selecting and recruiting Specialised resellers over the Globe.

About Hexadrone

Through its three Departments, Hexadrone is recognized as an expert in designing and manufacturing a modular UAV that gives customers a valuable investment for their activity. Founded in 2014, Hexadrone was initially providing a web platform to resel UAV components and quickly moved to the UAV custom assembling. Based on the user’s experiences feedback, Hexadrone has understood that a universal and modular platform was the answer to the market and after the first Version of the TUNDRA Hexadrone has built a factory to design and to manufacture a multi-purpose drone for professionals.

Today, the production capacity allowed to manufacture up to 1000 TUNDRA 2 units per year.

About NavCert GmbH

NavCert is the first laboratory ever accredited in Europe in the field of GNSS, nowadays with a flexible scope, a remarkable USP achievement. The firm provides worldwide technical services, like expert opinion, verification, validation, and voluntary certification services in the areas of precise positioning/localization, navigation, velocity and timing. Furthermore, NavCert is accredited as certification body for unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) by the Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle (DAkkS) and is notified (NB 2603) by the German Federal Office of Civil Aeronautics for the EU Type Examination of fixed-wing, copter and multicopter UAS in classes C0 to C4 in the Open Category and C5 to C6 in the Specific Category according to the Delegated Regulation (EU) 2019/945 incl. referred standards. NavCert chairs the coordination group of notified bodies for UAS. These activities are complemented by GAP analysis of specification and documentation and pre-testing. For additional information, please visit NavCert website at

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