Ukraine House in Denmark

Celebrate the magic of Ukrainian Christmas with Ukraine House in Denmark


On Dec. 9, we look forward to hosting you for a heartwarming festive experience filled with cherished traditions. Join us for a panel discussion exploring the enchanting parallels between Ukrainian Christmas and the cozy charm of Danish Hygge, uncovering the threads that weave these festive traditions together.

Engage in a workshop on crafting didukhs, traditional Ukrainian Christmas decorations made of straw, and learn age-old techniques to create your own beautiful piece of holiday magic.

Children will light up with joy in their own festive workshop building a Christmas city, and we'll also screen the historical drama "Shchedryk," a Christmas fantasy depicting a Ukrainian family of musicians living through the Soviet and German occupations. Throughout the day, savour traditional Ukrainian dishes and join in singing Ukrainian Christmas carols.

On Dec. 16-18, experience the enchanting melodies of Ukrainian Christmas carols as the world-renowned boys’ and men’s choir “Dudaryk” from Lviv, Ukraine, embarks on a special three-day concert tour across various locations in Copenhagen. 

This extraordinary visit includes performances at Eliaskirken on Dec. 16 at 19:30, Sankt Petri Kirken on Dec. 17 at 14:00, and Copenhagen City Hall on Dec. 18 at 20:00.

Dudaryk, one of Ukraine's best and most experienced choirs with a history dating back to the 18th century, will transport audiences to the heart of Ukrainian Christmas traditions. Founded in 1971 under Soviet occupation, they overcame adversity to become a shining example of Ukrainian musical excellence. Join us for an unforgettable evening of music, tradition, and unity, as we build bridges between cherished Ukrainian Christmas customs and the cozy "hygge" atmosphere that Danes cherish especially during the holiday season.

All profits from the concerts will be donated to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, supporting their efforts in safeguarding the country's fight for sovereignty and against ongoing Russian aggression.





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Ukrainian and Danish Voices of Dignity: Ukraine House Commemorates War Anniversary28.2.2024 21:24:32 CET | Pressemeddelelse

On the solemn occasion of the second anniversary of the full-scale war in Ukraine, the Ukraine House in Denmark, together with Goethe Institute, Danish Culture Institute, and Mungo Park proudly presented "Voices of Dignity: Poetry and Music from Ukraine", a Danish-Ukrainian dialogue showcasing the resilience and creativity of Ukrainian writers. The event marked the first-ever performance during which Ukrainian writers shared their powerful work to articulate the inexpressible suffering of the Ukrainian nation during the war, and renowned Danish actors amplified their voices, demonstrating a profound cultural exchange between Ukraine and Denmark.

"Voices of Dignity": En markering af toårsdagen for fuldskala invasionen af Ukraine20.2.2024 08:30:00 CET | Pressemeddelelse

Ukraine House in Denmark invites you in collaboration with the Goethe Institute Denmark, Mungo Park and the Danish Cultural Institute to the special event "Voices of Dignity: poetry and music from Ukraine" on February 24 at 3:30 p.m. The event marks the second anniversary of Russia's all-out war against Ukraine and serves as an international declaration of solidarity for continued support for Ukraine, including the country's arts and culture sector. The event offers, among other things, on readings by recognized Ukrainian authors, whose texts are subsequently read aloud by, among others, Ghita Nørby, Sofie Gråbøl and Claes Bang.

"Shared Body: Mykolayiv Young Photography" Exhibition9.2.2024 08:30:00 CET | Pressemeddelelse

February 7, 2024 - Ukraine House in Denmark is proud to present the inaugural exhibition of the Mykolaiv School of conceptual and art photography (MYPH) in Denmark - “Shared Body: Mykolaiv Young Photography” - to open on February 24th. Founded in 2018 in Mykolaiv by a local photo prodigy Sergey Melnitchenko, the school and the collective of young Ukrainian photographers formed on its basis quickly became one of the most dynamic, compelling and prolific phenomena in contemporary Ukrainian culture.

Russian War Crimes in Ukraine: A Plea for Justice and Accountability26.1.2024 09:00:00 CET | Pressemeddelelse

Executions, torture of prisoners, forced deportation of children, obstruction of evacuation, shelling of civilians, hospitals, and infrastructure... During the 20 months of the invasion the army of the Russian Federation committed almost all types of crimes mentioned in the Geneva Conventions. The General Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine has opened nearly 110,000 proceedings related to war crimes. Ukraine demands the creation of a special tribunal for the crime of aggression, which it calls ‘the mother of all crimes’.

Russian War Crimes in Ukraine: Films screening and chat with the co-founder of The Reckoning Project Nataliya Gumenyuk10.1.2024 11:28:32 CET | Presseinvitation

On behalf of The Reckoning Project, the Ukrainian NGO Public Interest Journalism Lab and the Ukrainie House in Denmark we are delighted to invite you to the screening of the selection of The Reckoning Project`s films on the Russian war crimes in Ukraine, followed by the discussion with The Reckoning Project co-founder, Ukrainian journalist Nataliya Gumenyuk and one of the survivors. When: 5 pm, January 19th, Friday Location: Ukraine House in Denmark, Strandgade 27B RSVP:

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