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KYMCO Ignites Electric Revolution at EICMA 2023 with the Game-changing Ionex EV Solution

Building on the pinnacle of over 25 years of EV innovation, KYMCO announced three ground-breaking technologies to accelerate the mass-adoption of electric motorcycles: The Ionex Battery-as-a-Service Solution for Energy Companies, the Ionex Battery Metering Unit for EV Manufacturers, and the Ionex Energy Station for Battery-swapping Network Operators. "Today, we stand on the brink of a remarkable transformation in the world of mobility. A shift that reshapes the way we move, a change that KYMCO leads," said Allen Ko, Chairman of KYMCO.

KYMCO's Vision: A World with Electric Motorcycles Everywhere

KYMCO sees Energy Companies provide riders with battery services for electric motorcycles. With this battery service, the riders receive batteries from energy companies with guaranteed performance and pay only for actual battery usage. Riders no longer need to buy batteries when purchasing their vehicle.

KYMCO sees EV Manufacturers introduce electric motorcycles with integrated onboard battery metering. Every electric motorcycle works with the Energy Companies' battery service. Without the costs of the batteries, electric motorcycles are more affordable than ever before.

KYMCO sees Battery-swapping Network Operators deploying thousands of battery-swapping stations, forever erasing range anxiety. Battery-swapping networks provide riders with zero-wait charging and unlimited range.

More profoundly, KYMCO sees riders choosing from a wide variety of electric motorcycles made by various manufacturers and battery service plans that best match their lifestyles. For energy replenishment, riders charge their vehicle in the garage or charge their battery in the house. In the city, riders swap on the go at the nearest battery-swapping station. And while traveling, riders get unlimited range from the extensive battery-swapping network to power all their journeys.

Ionex EV Solution: The True Arrival of the Electric Era

To address all current challenges and future ambitions to fulfill KYMCO's vision, Chairman Ko announced three ground-breaking technologies to propel all stakeholders to collaborate as the Ionex Open Consortium, an EV ecosystem that brings affordable, convenient, and sustainable electric mobility to all, the true arrival of the electric era.

The Ionex Battery-as-a-Service Solution for Energy Companies, the Ionex Battery Metering Unit for EV Manufacturers, and the Ionex Energy Station for Battery-swapping Network Operators make up the revolutionary Ionex EV Solution. The Ionex EV Solution aims to benefit every stakeholder in electric mobility, especially all consumers, businesses, and governments wishing to go electric.

"We look forward to seeing the impact the Ionex EV Solution will have on Southeast Asia's fast-developing EV ecosystem. We see its potential to bring about more affordable and convenient electric mobility," expressed Chuck Kim, Managing Director of Group Business Development and Capital Markets, Grab.

"Right here, right now, marks the inflection point of the electric era," said Allen Ko. "KYMCO's game-changing Ionex EV Solution is paving the way for all stakeholders to jointly transition to the electric future. I invite everyone to join us on this transformative journey."


KYMCO is a brand with a rich history spanning nearly 60 years in the powersport industry. They focus on innovation, quality, style and have established themselves as a leading manufacturer of scooters, motorcycles, and ATVs worldwide. Their state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and use of the latest technologies ensure that every vehicle they produce is reliable and stylish.

KYMCO is committed to reducing the environmental footprint, promoting sustainability, supporting social causes, and giving back to the communities. Whether riders seek a sleek and sporty scooter or a rugged and durable ATV, KYMCO has something for everyone. KYMCO is a brand that embodies the best of what the powersport industry offers - innovation, quality, style, and a commitment to making the world a better place.

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