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The connection between your phone and an old Viking king


Do you know why it is called Bluetooth? Now a Danish Museum will tell the story through several events and an entirely new exhibition at Kongernes Jelling, Denmark – Home of the Viking Kings - on October the 10th and 11th.

This year it is 25 years ago that Bluetooth was named after a Danish Viking King. One of the founding members is Örjan Johansson from Sweden. He was Director & General Manager for Bluetooth Technology & Products and in October he will be in Jelling to celebrate.

25 years ago, when the Ericsson invention met competition from other wireless technologies, we could hardly believe the development to one of the worlds most used technologies.

Less known is the design of the patent peace treaty agreements currently between more than 40.000 companies around the world, which makes it easier to evolve Bluetooth with ever new functionalities and will make Bluetooth evolve as an eternal name and technology," says the former Ericsson.

It may sound bold but in fact the title makes a lot of sense. When the American engineer Jim Kardach from Intel came up with the name for the new technology back in the 90s, the inspiration came from king Harald Bluetooth who ruled Denmark a thousand years ago. Harald Bluetooth united all of Denmark and Norway and told us about it by erecting the largest runestone in the world – in Jelling.

Engineer and technical leader from Intel Jim Kardach was looking through a book about the Vikings and beneath a picture of the famous rune stones of Jelling, the name Bluetooth caught his eye.

The idea behind the new technology was that it should connect and unify. Just like Harald Bluetooth did when he unified Denmark and Norway. Hence the new wireless tech. ended up with the same name. Originally during development we would get news articles stating: "The Bluetooth group, named after a 10th century Danish King, is developing a short range radio cable replacement technology.

Every article would provide the relationship to the Danish King, and then identify it as a cable replacement technology. People immediately recognize the word ("blue" and "tooth"), but have no idea what it means. That short paragraph provides a context (named after a Danish King) and what it is (a radio that replaces a cable). The effect is similar to ear-worms; songs that when you hear them, you can't get them out of your head”, says Jim Kardach, who also joins the events in Denmark on October the 10th and 11th.

The celebration kicks off October 10th and 11th in Bluetooth’s own backyard of Jelling, Denmark. The two days are called: Bluetooth Is Coming Home.

There will be workshops, a new exhibition will open and 7 of the founding members will take part in workshops, talks and celebrations.

The press is welcome to join. Just contact Morten Teilmann-Jørgensen at mtj@natmus.dk



Örjan Johansson - orjanjo@gmail.com

Jim Kardach - jim@kardach.com

Morten Teilmann-Jørgensen, Head of Museum – mtj@natmus.dk - 0045 412063


Other founding members joining the celebration:

Holger Hussmann, former Nokia, now Director of Simula Consulting, Norway - holger@hussmann.org

Anders Edlund, former Ericsson - aeedlund@gmail.com

Stephen Nachtsheim, former General Manager, Intel - spnachtsheim@gmail.com

Johann Weber, Intel - johann.weber@gmail.com

Simon Ellis, former Intel, simoncellis@gmail.com


PROGRAM: Bluetooth is coming Home

Two days event 10th and 11th of October in Jelling/Vejle, Denmark

10th of October

10.15 AM: intro Bluetooth Workshop in Jelling
25 high school students will attend a workshop guided by the Design School.
Founding member Jim Kardach will make a short introduction to the Bluetooth technology. Then shortly talk about possibilities with the technology. All in all 25 minutes.
The rest of the day the students will learn about creative design thinking teached by the Design School and come up with a small mock up. The goal is to come up with ideas to make Bluetooth Technology useful in a modern museum.

01.00 PM: Guided tour at the UNESCO World Heritage site in Jelling.

       The Founding Members will join

03.00 PM: ending Bluetooth Workshop in Jelling
               The Founding Members will join the workshop and se the results of the workshop                     meeting the young people.

04.00 PM: Opening of the special exhibition Bluetooth Kingnected at Museum Kongernes                         Jelling.
               The Museum provides all with blue slushice and blue teeth.

04.35 PM: Gimmick at the famous runestone in Jelling. A good foto opportunity
               The National Museum of Denmark will hand over a document that says that                             Bluetooth can loan the name Bluetooth for the next 1000 years. Founding Members                 will hand over a paper that says “sorry” for not asking for permission 25 years ago.

04.45 PM: Presentation of the brand new comic “Bluetooth – Viking and Technology” in                           Museum Kongernes Jelling. Founding Members will make autographs.

06.00 PM: Viking Feast in Jelling – the press can join.

08.15 PM: Pub Crawl in Jelling (four places)
              At the pub crawl the Founding members will be divided into three groups. At the                      pubs there will be a drink and the invited guests will be able to ask you one and                      questions to the FM before going to the next pub. We end at Kongernes Jelling                        where we will get some mead.

11th of October

Evening program:

07.00 PM: Bluetooth – the Homecoming starts
               A show with talks, comedy and music.

10.30 PM: End of Bluetooth – the Homecoming. 
              We say good bye after two days of celebration.




The logo for the wireless tech. is a visual blend of the two runes H for Harald and B for Bluetooth.
The logo for the wireless tech. is a visual blend of the two runes H for Harald and B for Bluetooth.
The name and logo originates from the Danish Viking King Harald Bluetooth who ruled 1000 years ago.
The name and logo originates from the Danish Viking King Harald Bluetooth who ruled 1000 years ago.
The graveyard where the Jellingstone still stands 1000 years later - home of the Viking Kings in Jelling, Denmark.
The graveyard where the Jellingstone still stands 1000 years later - home of the Viking Kings in Jelling, Denmark.

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