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“We power innovation” – Sisvel Reveals a New Mission Statement for a New Era

Europe’s leading patent pool operator has unveiled a new mission statement to accompany the presentation of a redesigned corporate image and website today. Sisvel’s message, “We power innovation,” replaces the previous “We protect ideas” slogan, as the firm places itself at the heart of the innovative activity that will drive the global economy for the remainder of the 21st century.

“We are proud to have built strong relationships with companies and research institutions that are dedicated to delivering world class technological solutions in areas such as connectivity, broadcasting and coding,” says Sisvel President Mattia Fogliacco. “Our commitment to them and to those who deploy their technologies is that we will do all we can to facilitate fair returns on R&D investments while speeding new products to market.”

Sisvel has dozens of partners, including the BBC, Dolby, GE, Huawei, Microsoft, Philips, RAI, Samsung and Sony. They hold pivotal patents that underpin key technologies in 5G, C-IoT, DVB-T2, VP9, AV1 and Wi-Fi 6. The firm has a reputation for building flexible, market-focused licensing programmes that benefit pool members who invest substantial sums in R&D, as well as the entities that implement the results of this work.

Founded by Roberto Dini in Italy in 1982, Sisvel now has offices across Europe, as well as in North America and Asia. It has created programmes that have returned billions of dollars to partners whose inventions underpin industries that enhance tens of millions of lives around the world.

“It is so gratifying to reflect on the success that Sisvel has enjoyed over the last four decades. I cannot wait to see what the coming years will bring,” says Mr Dini. “One thing is certain: we will be at the centre of whatever happens, offering solutions that are tailored to the markets we serve.”

The new website is the result of six months of development work. Its modern, dynamic visual language has been designed to encapsulate both the firm’s heritage and its future ambitions, says Giulia Dini, Sisvel’s Head of Communications.

“The updated brand messaging underscores Sisvel's 40 years of unwavering commitment to supporting innovation across diverse industries that drive the 21st-century economy, while highlighting the company's own spirit of creativity, flexibility and fairness,” Ms Dini adds.

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About Sisvel

Sisvel is driven by a belief in the importance of collaboration, ingenuity and efficiency to bridge the needs of patent owners and those who wish to access their technologies. In a complex and constantly evolving marketplace, our guiding principle is to create a level playing field with the development and implementation of flexible, accessible, commercialisation solutions.

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