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Linksys Announces the Next Step in Home and Small Office Connectivity

Linksys®, an iconic Home and Small Office connectivity company, announces in a statement of direction its new Cognitive Experience technology. Cognitive Experience brings a whole new level of intelligence to networking with cutting-edge technological features specially designed to enhance and improve the user experience.

In the technology space, the word “cognitive” refers to “thinking technologies” that can deterministically – either by user selection or automation – solve problems. Developed based on user input and feedback, Cognitive Experience focuses on saving time and effort by automating the process for reporting technical issues to customer support agents.

“Currently 50% of our Support calls are dead air, nobody talking, as our Guardians review the logs and network information while the customer is on the phone,” said Lucas Peterson, Head of Product Support at Linksys. “With Linksys Cognitive Experience, we get all the information we need sent upfront through automation so that our Guardians can review and diagnose before they call the customer. This coupled with our ability to temporarily co-administer the network — with the customer’s permission, of course — will enable us to solve problems in lightning-fast time.”

Cognitive Experience allows a Linksys customer service agent to analyze your technical issue remotely, so that when they contact the user, they have all the information necessary to address the problem. Customer service agents can then administer tech support remotely through your network. You’re able to grant or rescind access to the network at any time. This allows customer service agents to effectively tackle any issues in lightning-fast time.

In Phase 1 of its implementation, Cognitive Experience features will focus on the following:

  • If you experience a problem with your WiFi network, Cognitive Experience is able to run a test on your network
  • Open a trouble-ticket from the Linksys App and get a call from Linksys customer service agents
  • An agent will review the report and can easily access your network, with your permission, to address the problem
  • Cognitive Experience will run a health check on your network to locate any additional potential issues

Phase 1 of Linksys Cognitive Experience is set to be completed by the end of this calendar year. Cognitive Experience will make its debut with products in the Linksys Designer Series through the end of the year. Starting in 2024, Cognitive Experience will be available in other Linksys products.

Phase 2 of Linksys Cognitive Experience is currently under development and includes new “intelligent notifications” that humanize or personalize the insights derived from your network, delivered in a meaningful way.

Examples of intelligent notifications include:

  • When a network’s WAN goes down, we verify the Home Network is operating and then send a WAN Down notification
  • When a network’s WAN comes back up, we verify it and retest the Home Network and send WAN Up and Home Network Up notifications
  • Users can select certain devices to be notified when they leave and rejoin the network

Designer Series offerings that include Cognitive Experience are:

  • Velop Pro 6E – currently available in the US at Amazon, Best Buy and
  • Velop Pro 7 – expected in September/October, now available for pre order at Amazon and Best Buy
  • Velop Micro Router 6 – expected in October/November
  • Velop Micro Mesh 6 – expected in October/November

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