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Press release: Staffing level of the Russian Embassy in Copenhagen to be reduced


On 1 September, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark informed the Ambassador of the Russian Federation Vladimir Barbin that the staffing level of the Russian Embassy in Copenhagen must be reduced to a level corresponding to that of the Danish Embassy in Moscow. Specifically, this decision imposes a cap on the size of the Russian Embassy to a maximum of 5 diplomats and 20 administrative and technical staff.

Throughout an extended period, Denmark and Russia have conducted negotiations regarding the issuance of visa to Danish staff of the Danish Embassy in Moscow in order to maintain well-functioning embassies in Denmark and Russia. These negotiations have failed to achieve any results, as the Russian side repeatedly has attempted to include visa requests for Russian intelligence officers as part of these negotiations.

As a result of the decision to proceed on the basis of parity between the Danish Embassy in Moscow and the Russian Embassy in Copenhagen, the latter must reduce its current staffing level. This reduction must be completed no later than 29 September 2023.

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