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Denmark supports preservation and protection of the Amazon


Denmark is committed to supporting the fight against deforestation. The Danish Government proposes a DKK 150 million contribution to the Amazon Fund in the forthcoming Finance Act, thereby aiding the Brazilian Government’s efforts to stop deforestation in the Amazon forest before 2030.

“Stopping deforestation in the Amazon is one of the most important tasks on the planet. As a leading green country, Denmark should also contribute to this effort. We are hereby helping to fight climate change, preserve biodiversity and support the rights of indigenous peoples,” says Minister for Development Cooperation and Global Climate Policy, Dan Jørgensen, who is currently visiting Brazil to meet with ministers from the Brazilian Government.

The contribution is part of a new allocation of DKK 350 million for forest protection efforts in the priorities for development cooperation next year.

Projects and initiatives financed through the Amazon Fund help to reduce deforestation, protect biodiversity, improve the living conditions of the local population, and promote sustainable development in Brazil. Support for the Brazilian rainforest is part of global efforts to preserve forests, which is among the Danish Government’s priorities for development cooperation in the forthcoming Finance Act.

DKK 350 million will be allocated in 2024 to significantly strengthen efforts in support of forests and biodiversity – part of an overall forest and nature initiative with more than DKK 1 billion in funding from 2024 to 2027. This support will primarily focus on vulnerable forest and wooded areas that are increasingly at risk of deforestation and forest degradation. The programme aims to support efforts relating to climate adaptation, biodiversity, and reducing carbon emissions, as well as social and economic development for local communities, including indigenous peoples.

“Stopping deforestation is a good example that climate policy, environmental policy and development policy are closely intertwined. These investments in the Amazon forest will be an important part of Denmark’s increasingly coordinated approach to these areas of policy,” says Dan Jørgensen.


  • A new Danish contribution to the Amazon Fund totalling DKK 150 million for the period 2024-26 will be distributed via development cooperation funding.
  • The contribution comes from a new allocation of DKK 350 million for forest protection efforts in the priorities for development cooperation next year. The overall priorities for development cooperation will be presented later this month with the introduction of the Danish Government’s Finance Bill for 2024.
  • Since Brazil began monitoring deforestation in the Amazon forest in 1988, approximately 20% of the original area – more than 800,000 square kilometres – has been deforested, an area the size of Türkiye.
  • Between 1990 and 2020, forest areas larger than the entire EU have disappeared (420 million ha) – corresponding to approximately 10% of the world’s remaining forests.
  • Every year, the world loses forest covering an area twice the size of Denmark (10 million ha).
  • Greenhouse gas emissions from deforestation comprise 11% of the world’s total emissions.
  • Earth’s forests are home to around 80% of the world’s land-based biodiversity. Deforestation is primarily due to expansions of agricultural land.
  • The Amazon Fund is an economic mechanism created by the Brazilian Government, in cooperation with international partners, to support the preservation and sustainable development of the Amazon forest.

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