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SERES Introduces Europe to SERES 5, Its Premium Sport e-SUV

For 36 years, SERES, a subsidiary of the eponymous Chinese group, has positioned itself as a premium smart e-vehicle brand. After five years of development and testing, the company is officially launching the cutting-edge, high-performing, high-tech SERES 5 in Europe. Available in three models (Standard version 2WD, Premium version 4WD, Flagship version 4WD) the SERES 5 is a sporty, premium e-SUV that blazes a new trail by combining the best of everything: design, smart driving, power, range and comfort. From January 14 to 22, visitors to the Brussels Motor Show will get an exclusive sneak peek at the premium sport E-SUV before it goes on sale in March.

Natural Aesthetics of Life
Many people sat up and took notice when the SERES 5 concept was unveiled in Silicon Valley. In particular, its design caught their eye as SERES5 is inspired by nature with flexibility, purity and vitality. Special attention was paid to the nature-inspired aesthetics (Σ front face, willow-inspired window, Belt line mimics dolphin’s leaping). The roofline continuously and uninterruptedly descends to the trunk, giving the vehicle an ultra-low wind resistance, making it more dynamic and more energy efficient 1. The SERES 5 is available in 8 exterior colours and 5 interior ones that can be combined as desired.

Zero to 100 km/h in 3.7 seconds and a range up to 530 km
Behind its premium design lies an amazing driving experience enhanced by a performance worthy of the market’s top models. The SERES 5 accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.7 seconds thanks to its front and rear motor peak power (430KW) and peak torque 960N.m.

To control acceleration and stabilize the vehicle, the chassis is mainly made of a strong, lightweight aluminium alloy. For a premium driving experience, a dual ball joint front double-wishbone front suspension enhances anti-roll performance and a multi-link trapezoidal arm type rear independent suspension improves stability.

The SERES 5 boasts an outstanding range. Its 80kWh lithium iron phosphate and 90 kWh semi solid state high performance batteries offer a significant power supply and high energy efficiency. Thus, on a single charge the 2WD model can travel 500 km WLTP and the 4WD can cover 530 km WLTP. They are compatible with 95% of the charging systems available in Europe. Moreover, SERES 5 includes a smart fast charging system: a quick recharge to shorten the waiting time on the way and, on camping ground, a V2L function can provide power to many travel appliances such as induction cookers and coffee makers, while the V2V function can also help charge other people’s EV’s in emergency.

The SUV is also equipped with an industry leading permanent magnet motor: a little technological gem.

A safe, unparalleled driving experience
The SERES 5 also stands out for its 18 assisted-driving features, +300 smart voice assistants (8 active service reminders, 14 telephone operations, 17 navigation operations, 35 multimedia operations, ...), 3 smart scenarios (rest mode, temporary stop mode, camping mode) and over 20 "Smart Car Ecology" devices (on-line map, On-line music, car game, DAB digital radio).

As a safety feature, voice commands let the driver control everything from air conditioning to music while keeping both hands on the wheel and eyes on the road. The SERES 5 also has LFP batteries and, for the first time, a semi-solid battery as standard equipment that has undergone around 100 tests, with a long service life (100,000 km without degradation) and high peak power (430 KW). What’s more, the SERES 5 benefits from a five-level safety management system and has travelled the equivalent of 5.000.000 km in extreme conditions (cold, heat, high altitudes, etc.) to ensure optimal use. To provide the best of breed, the brand has also gathered a global supply chain system of experts (Astemo, Longhorn, Bosch, Valeo, Pirelli, BASF, …) around its SERES 5.

Finally in order to provide worry-free travel to its customers, SERES offers two outstanding warrantees: a 8 years (160.000 km) warranty for the battery, electric motor and electric control system and a 4 years (100.000 km) warranty for the vehicle. Besides, SERES 5 drivers will benefit from a 24hours emergency rescue road service, as well as online and offline customer services to all SERES valued customer.

Custom-made comfort for stress-free driving
SERES takes pride in putting technology to work for drivers and passengers with intelligent interiors geared to their needs. For example, instead of displaying all the features on a single central screen, three of them are arrayed around the driver to make the important messages visible while ensuring that the view is clear at every angle (HUD, 15.6” large central control screen, 12.3” LCD dashboard).

For a comfortable ride, the front seat can be adjusted in 12 different ways and is equipped with various settings such as ventilation, heating, memory, massage ... The SERES 5 also has two 40W wireless fast chargers (front and rear) to meet a wide variety of needs. The optional 85-inch deluxe panoramic skyline (field ratio 97.7%) offers a wide range of view while giving a unique impression of space. Lastly, new soundproofing and heat insulation materials keep the inside very quiet whatever the speed.

At the press conference, Mr. John Zhang, the chairman and founder of SERES Group emphasized that “In making SERES into a high-end, intelligent new energy vehicle brand, starting 2016, the group had consistently invested over 10% of its total revenue each year in Intelligent EV technologies. We have built industry 4.0 standard Intelligent factories, have developed and launched high-performance battery and range of other intelligent EV related products. Today these technologies are not only leading the sector in China but are considered to be on an advanced level on a global scale.”

The SERES 5 will be available from the brand's European sales network in March

Dimensions: 4710 x 1930 x 1620 mm
Standard version 2WD: from €63,9002
Premium version 4WD: from €67,900
Flagship version 4WD: from €74,900

1278 Cd drag coefficient
2 indicative prices for the German market

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