Natural cosmetics manufacturer Laverana is the winner of the DNP 2023 - and thereby, wins Europe's most important sustainability award for ecological and social commitment

The stage is set for sustainability: At the end of the 15th German Sustainability Day, natural cosmetics manufacturer Laverana was crowned as the winner of the German Sustainability Award 2023 in the transformation field of resources. It was chosen as the winner in front of approx. 2000 guests at the award ceremony.
Natural cosmetics manufacturer Laverana is the winner of the DNP 2023
Natural cosmetics manufacturer Laverana is the winner of the DNP 2023

Dr. Philipp Haase accepted the coveted trophy on behalf of company founder Thomas Hasse and the company.

On the occasion of the German Sustainability Award, many committed stakeholders, polichans and TOP companies met in Düsseldorf at the 15th German Sustainability Day, for which sustainable action is an integral part of their business model.

Make it simple, be faster, and more efficient: The 15th German Sustainability Day from 1 to 2 December once again impressively demonstrated the contribution that individuals, organizations, and companies in Germany have been making for years in the transformation fields of climate, biodiversity, resources, supply chain, and society, thereby tackling topics where the pressure to act is particularly high.

Every year, honorary prize winners such as Prince Albert II of Monaco and Michael Patrick Kelly were honored at the end of the congress program at the gala event on 02.12., which was opened by Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

The heart of the German Sustainability Award is the Company competition that makes it transparent how their concepts contribute to expedite (or - to drive forward) the important sustainability topics. The coveted winner's trophy in the competition Company - Transformation Field Resources - went to the natural cosmetics manufacturer Laverana, which has consistently trusted its sustainable business model for 35 years.

Since its foundation, Laverana has courageously and uncompromisingly aligned all areas of the company with sustainability, efficiency, and customer needs. This triad is firmly anchored in the company's DNA and is a consistently lived and supporting component of the business model and the reason for the success of the company and the lavera Naturkosmetik brand.

"Our economic activities are characterized by ecological, economic, and social aspects, ranging from the extraction of raw materials to the disposal of packaging by our customers," says company founder Thomas Haase. "For 35 years, we have seen it as our obligation to future generations to take responsibility for the future of our planet."

At the beginning of the company's history was the founder's vision to make certified natural cosmetics available and thus to change the care range and care behavior sustainably. He was far ahead of his time.

With Success as Laverana now exports around 250 lavera natural cosmetics products from Lower Saxony to over 40 countries and is involved in climate protection and development projects worldwide. An integrated management system controls the consumption of resources and all management systems for energy, waste, and environmental occupational health and safety, as well as quality assurance down to the last detail.

In 2021, the company founder transferred Laverana to the foundation of the same name, thus ensuring the preservation of his sustainable institution idea. One member of the foundation's board of directors is his son Dr. Phillip Haase, who has been taking on important tasks in the company for 6 years. Dr. Phillip Haase agrees: "As a company, we can strengthen sustainability with efficient, smart solutions. Everyone can also contribute to reducing their own ecological footprint by buying sustainable products."

Because one thing is certain for the company: Nature is the only main thing that matters - and everyone should take responsibility and do everything to preserve it.


Susann Vogel


Natural cosmetics manufacturer Laverana is the winner of the DNP 2023
Natural cosmetics manufacturer Laverana is the winner of the DNP 2023

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