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Denmark hands over command of NATO Mission Iraq to Italy

Today, Denmark handed over command of NATO Mission Iraq (NMI) to Italy. Denmark has commanded the mission since November 2020.

Today, during a ceremony in Baghdad, the Danish force commander, Lieutenant General Michael Lollesgaard, handed over command of NMI to Italy. The Danish force commander, his close staff, and a close protection team as well as two Danish transport helicopters will return to Denmark in May. Denmark will continue to contribute substantially to NMI through force protection personnel, staff officers as well as civilian and military advisers.

The Danish Minister for Foreign Affairs, Jeppe Kofod, states:

"The Danish leadership and our substantial contributions to NATO Mission Iraq is a testimony to Denmark’s strong commitment to support Iraq in its efforts to ensure the enduring defeat of ISIS. By supporting the development of a capable, accountable and sustainable Iraqi security sector, NMI provides an important contribution to the fight against violent extremism in the region and the long-term stabilization of Iraq. I am proud to say that today, Denmark hands over a well-functioning mission ready to continue its important work in accordance with Iraqi wishes and needs. Going forward, Denmark will remain active in the fight against terrorism and instability in the region and will continue to provide a substantial contribution to NMI.”

The Danish Minister of Defence, Morten Bødskov, states:

“As Minister of Defence, I am proud that Denmark has led NATO's mission in Iraq for the last 18 months and contributed to the mission's fulfilment and provided the requested advice and training to Iraqi security institutions. I had the opportunity to thank several of the Danish soldiers for their professional and dedicated effort, when I visited Iraq last month, and I am pleased that Denmark will continue to contribute to NMI and thus support Iraq in the long-term fight against ISIS. "


NATO Mission Iraq (NMI)

NMI is a non-combat mission responsible for providing advice, training and capacity building to Iraqi security institutions in order to support the long-term fight against ISIS. The advisory activities primarily focus on the Iraqi Ministry of Defence and the Iraqi military education institutions. NMI staff consists of civilian and military advisers, staff officers and support staff, including contributions from NATO's partner countries Australia, Finland and Sweden.

Denmark will continue to contribute significantly to NMI with force protection personnel, staff officers and civilian and military advisers.

The military effort complements a broader framework of political and civilian measures in the region aimed at preventing ISIS from regaining ideological and geographical foothold. Through the regional peace and stabilization program for Syria and Iraq, Denmark contributes to stabilizing former ISIS-controlled areas.  Among other things, Denmark supports reconciliation efforts, reforms of the Iraqi security sector and demining.

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