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New contract on data analysis

15.9.2021 08:17:28 CEST | Dataproces Group A/S | Company Announcement

Company announcement no. 41, inside information: Dataproces has per. September 15. 2021 entered into an agreement on data analysis.

The agreement has been entered into with a jutlandic municipality, who has entered into a collaboration on data analyzes.

Dataproces' data analyzes ensure the municipalities a correct and legitimate income and validate the municipality's financial data foundation.

Generally about announcements

The contract is in accordance with Dataproces' strategic focus and does not change the announced guidance.

In all announcements Dataproces distinguishes between three municipality size categories; the 50 smallest municipalities are called municipalities, the 38 middle ones are called larger municipalities and the 10 largest are called top-10 municipalities.

Dataproces only announces agreements on data analyzes with a total estimated value higher than 250.000 DKK.

The SaaS platforms MARS, Min Sag and MARC Fleksløn are central to the company strategy and will be announced each time an agreement has been entered into.


John Norden

Certified Advisor

Kjartan Jensen


About Dataproces Group A/S

Dataproces is an innovative IT and consulting house, specializing in solutions targeted at the Danish municipalities and their digital administration. The solutions range widely from robot technology and SaaS, to data analysis as well as collaboration and consulting. The starting point and purpose are always the same: to use data to create new knowledge, smarter processes and increased efficiency for the benefit of both citizens and municipalities.

Dataproces – we create value with data!

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