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Equity stock analysis company Enlight Research publishes commissioned research report on FOM Technologies.

24.1.2023 08:00:00 CET | FOM Technologies | Investor News

Investor news no. 30 – 2023 | Copenhagen, the 24th of January 2023

FOM Technologies second stock analysis is published by stock analysis company Enlight Research. This is FOM’s second “Commissioned Research Report”.

Until FOM Technologies achieves a size that automatically generates stock analysis from banks and major stock analysis companies, FOM Technologies has decided that once a year the company will order an analysis of the company, from a third-party stock analysis company,
a so-called "Commissioned Research Report".

In 2022, FOM Technologies chose the Swedish stock analysis company Stockpicker AB to prepare a stock analysis of FOM, and today the Baltic company Enlight Research has published FOM's 2nd stock analysis.

Enlight Research is one of the leading stock analysis companies in the Baltics. The company was founded and managed by the Swede Mattias Wallander, who has worked with stock analysis for 20 years among leading banks in Scandinavia and the Baltics. Enlight Research provides stock analysis for institutional and private investors in the Baltic and Scandinavian markets.

The report is attached and can also be read here:

Disclaimer: FOM Technologies has paid Enlight Research to perform the above stock analysis, but have not had any influence on analysis method, conclusions or price targets etc. in the analysis.



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