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Copyright Agent announces their first enterprise client for text protection: Aller Media AB

13.10.2021 10:15:20 CEST | Copyright Agent A/S | Company Announcement

Copyright Agent signs leading publisher of magazines and weeklies in the Nordics, safeguarding journalistically driven content with their text protection product.

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Copyright Agent today announced their new client, Aller Media AB. With the agreement, Copyright Agent will provide their full-service IPRaaS (Intellectual Property Rights as a Service) solution to protect quality text content and articles from unauthorized use online. Copyright Agent states, that it maintains it's guideance.

The signing with Aller Media AB represents the first agreement with a high-volume enterprise customer to sign up for safeguarding journalistically driven content and articles with Copyright Agent’s text protection product. 

With the constant increase of digitalisation and consumption of information, facts and e-commerce online, the corresponding importance of quality text-content online represents an increasingly important area with an escalating need for protection against unauthorized use. For publishers of high-quality content and articles, high-quality protection services are crucial to protect the investment in journalistically driven, researched and produced content. The signing with Aller Media AB is a testimony to this. 

With this agreement Copyright Agent will service Aller Media AB throughout the Swedish market across six major websites, focusing heavily on text protection. 

Aller Media AB’s Content Coordinator, Helene Wikfalk states:

“At Aller Media, we believe that it is important to protect our content. Therefore, we are collaborating with Copyright Agent to ensure that our content is not being published elsewhere and without authorization”.

Apart from being the first enterprise client to sign up for text protection, the collaboration with Aller Media AB exemplifies the versatility of Copyright Agent’s text protection product. 

Copyright Agent’s Chief Product Officer, Thomas Bjerring states:

"As an addition to our existing roster of clients in the commercial category, who mainly use our Text Protection product to increase and retain traffic to their services using SEO technology, we now introduce Aller Media AB as our first major editorial client, seeking to safeguard the quality of their content. For companies like Aller Media AB that put money and hard work into producing quality content to build their brands and nourish the ecosystem they are part of, it is essential to ensure that going that extra mile is always time well spent and always worth the effort. Our text protection product does just that, in an effortless way, allowing for Aller Media AB to focus on what they do best; creating engaging content".

About Aller Media AB

Aller Media AB is the leading publisher of magazines and weeklies in Sweden. Aller Media AB has provided entertainment and inspiration for millions of readers since 1894 and keeps developing new ways to keep themselves engaged, provide their readers, users, visitors and followers with experiences and services - on written and digital media as well as in the physical world. Aller Media’s business concept is to create and sell entertainment and inspiration to women through strong brands and high-quality editorial content.


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Henrik Richard Hasselbalch Busch


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About Copyright Agent A/S

Copyright Agent is a Danish-based legal-tech company that has developed a cost-effective, full-service solution enabling professional content creators to protect their copyright against the unauthorized use of their original work online. Copyright Agent services a wide range of international clients with the goal of protecting the ecosystem of originality and educating on how to stay copyright-compliant online.

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