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Correction: Excercise of warrants

25.5.2023 12:59:58 CEST | Hove A/S | Company Announcement

COMPANY ANNOUNCEMENT NO. 24 – 2023 | 25-05-2023


The Share capital for Hove A/S is increased to 24.040.000 DKK and not 24.004.000 DKK as previously announced. 

Hove A/S is obliged to disclose information about exercising warrants pursuant to the EU Market Abuse Regulation. The information was submitted for publication on the 25th of May 2023. This announcement contains insider information.

The board of directors of Hove A/S has decided to issue 40.000 new shares in accordance with warrantprogram appendix 1 to the company charter for two employees. 

At an extraordinary board meeting on 23th May 2023, the board of directors of Hove A/S decided to issue 40.000 new shares. The subscription price for the allocated warrants is DKK 2,5 per share. Upon exercise of the above warrants, Hove A/S will receive proceeds of DKK 100.000 before deduction of costs related to the exercise of the warrants.
The share capital for Hove A/S' is increased from DKK 24.000.000 to DKK 24.040.000.

Hove A/S:

Herstedøstervej 7
DK - 2600 Glostrup
CVR-nummer: 25804821
Hjemmeside www.hove-as.com

Hans Christian Hansen
CEO Hove A/S
Tlf. (+45) 31359410
Email: hc@hove-as.dk

Certified adviser
Norden CEF A/S


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Excercise of warrants

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