Seluxit has signed a distributor agreement in UK for SLX Wappsto:bit

15.3.2021 08:37:48 CET | Seluxit | Company Announcement

Company Announcement nr. 32 | Aalborg 15th of March 2021

Seluxit has signed its first distributor agreement for SLX Wappsto:bit in the UK. Our partner, The PiHut, is a large online store, based in the UK, providing everything you need for your makers projects.

SLX Wappsto: bit is an extension board for BBC micro:bit which enables you to send and receive data directly into a dashboard, where you can also analyze and visualize your measurements.

Daniel Lux, CEO:

“We are particularly thrilled to have a distributor in the UK, as this is where it all started. In 2015 BBC and Microsoft joined forces to develop an educational microcomputer for children to develop programming interest and skills. Since then many millions of micro:bits have been sold globally. With the Wappsto:bit we offer another level of learning and data analysis.”

Learn more about the wappsto:bit on

Partnerships are a part of Seluxit's strategy and do not change the previously announced guidance.

For further information, please contact CEO Daniel Lux.

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