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Akademikernes formand om sexisme i fagbevægelsen: “Vi har et ansvar for at gå forrest i kampen mod sexisme”27.10.2020 20:20:34 CET | Akademikerne

284 personer med tilknytning til fagbevægelsen har skrevet under på en fælles erklæring om sexisme internt i fagbevægelsen. Det fortæller Politiken, der samtidig bringer en række vidnesbyrd om sexisme i de faglige organisationer. Blandt underskriverne er Akademikernes formand Lars Qvistgaard. Han mener, at fagbevægelsen skal turde se indad, hvis sexismen skal til livs.

China Matters Documents the Collective Nucleic Acid Testing in Beijing27.10.2020 15:59:29 CET | ChinaMatters

Collective testing served as a critical approach in China for emergency response in face of the coronavirus outbreak. In mid-October, a cluster of COVID-19 infections was found in Qingdao The local government immediately organized a collective nucleic acid testing for 10 million people within 5 days. Back in June, as the cluster of COVID-19 infections linked to Beijing’s Xinfadi Agricultural Produce Wholesale Market emerged, Beijing municipal government started to call on citizens to receive nucleic acid testing. Up to July 11, 11.88 million people have done the test, accounting for half of the permanent residents in Beijing. The number of testing institutions in Beijing rose to 194 by the end of June, with a daily testing volume of 458,000. It helped a lot to filtrate the infected cases. Out of the required demand for a trip outside Beijing, British journalist and host Josh from China Matters received nucleic acid testing right as the cluster of new infections was found in Beijing and

China Matters presents Documentary on 42,000 Portraits of COVID-19 Frontline Workers in Wuhan27.10.2020 15:56:55 CET | ChinaMatters

Taking photos for some 42,000 medical workers fighting COVID-19 in Wuhan is a phenomenal project that Li Ge never did before. With over 20 years’ experience, the photojournalistic went to Wuhan with a photographers’ team, capturing the portraits of medical workers within 40 days. “I got softer and fragile talking to these frontline workers,” Li said. “I cried almost every day as I witnessed what they had been doing.” Even to a veteran like Li who has experienced in various hear-striking scenes throughout his career, this project, the first ever of this kind in China, is an unprecedented one. During the outbreak of the pandemic, more than 40,000 medical workers from across China headed to the epicenter to assist with COVID-19 treatment. They did not only help ease the shortage of local medical workers, but brought plenty of protective gears in need. This short documentary was filmed in May, produced by China Matters. It tells stories of how photographer Li Ge and his team conducted the
Danmarks Frie Forskningsfond

Danmarks Frie Forskningsfond uddeler 40 millioner kroner til forskning i økonomiske regneprincipper og effekter af tidlige indsatser27.10.2020 12:43:57 CET | Danmarks Frie Forskningsfond

Danmarks Frie Forskningsfond har netop bevilliget knap 40 millioner kroner til tematisk forskning. Knap 20 millioner kroner går til forskning i ”Arbejdet med udvikling af økonomiske regneprincipper” med fokus på klima og velfærdsinvesteringer, mens lidt over 20 millioner er afsat til ”Effekter af tidlige indsatser”.

Multi Køl & Energi og Verdo indgår samarbejde om fremtidens varmepumper27.10.2020 12:00:00 CET | Verdo

Et strategisk samarbejde mellem Multi Køl & Energi og Verdo gearer virksomhederne til et stigende og mere komplekst marked for varmepumper i forsyninger og industri. Multi Køl & Energi bidrager med ekspertise i etablering af varmepumper, mens Verdo bi-drager som systemintegrator. Samarbejdet betyder, at Multi Køl & Energi og Verdo byder sammen i større projekter med fælles projektering, etablering og risikostyring.

Better vision thanks to Biometric Intelligence / Comprehensive measurement of the eye as a database for progressive lenses27.10.2020 10:00:00 CET | Rodenstock

Every eye is different; and yet this uniqueness has largely been ignored in the manufacture of lenses up to now. Especially for progressive lenses, the reduction to a few measured values means that only two percent of the lenses manufactured will perfectly match the individual eye and fully deliver on the vision potential. With its innovative “B.I.G. Vision® for all” philosophy, Rodenstock, as the first lens manufacturer, makes possible the precise measurement of each eye and manufactures the most precise Biometric Intelligent Glasses on the market using the extensive data records acquired with thousands of measurement points.
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