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Fastbase, Inc. Stock Predicted to Skyrocket13.7.2019 16:43:34 CEST | Fastbase A/S

We’re well into Q3 2019, and the stock market has changed quite a bit from the start of the year. As stated in the Motley Fool, “the panic and volatility of late 2018 is well in the rearview mirror, and the market has rebounded (calmed down) nicely.”That being said, there is a trend we’re seeing from both Goldman Sachs and Validea’s Patient Investor model based on the published strategy of Warren Buffett. The secret strategy that these firms are advocating? Paying attention to “high quality” stocks. For Goldman Sachs, “high-quality” means stocks that are the best-positioned to: 1) withstand an economic slowdown; and, 2) diminishing equity returns.
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