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Forskere vil udvikle selvgødende afgrøder3.2.2023 12:00:58 CET | Aarhus Universitet Natural Sciences

Forskere fra Institut for Molekylærbiologi og Genetik ved Aarhus Universitet deltager i et internationalt forskningsnetværk, ENSA, der fokuserer på at forbedre planters næringsoptagelse for at reducere behovet for gødning. Netværket har netop modtaget en samlet bevilling på USD 35 mio. (237 mio. kr.) fra Bill & Melinda Gates Agricultural Innovations program, hvoraf godt USD 4 mio. (27 mio. kr.) går til Aarhus Universitet.

Newly established company to promote Mainz as hub for life science and biotechnology now operational and supporting the city of Mainz3.2.2023 11:24:20 CET | biomindz Standortentwicklungsgesellschaft Mainz GmbH i.G.

“biomindz Standortentwicklungsgesellschaft Mainz GmbH i.G.” owned by the City of Mainz as a 100% subsidiary of city’s holding company “Zentrale Beteiligungsgesellschaft der Stadt Mainz mbH” (ZBM) Established with goal of supporting Mainz as the capital of Rhineland-Palatinate in its transformation into an internationally recognised hub for biotechnology ZBM's project team transferred to the new company, with Felix Wälder as Managing Director Mainz to be positioned and marketed on international level under "biomindz - Life Science Hub Mainz" brand Website goes live at www.biomindz.com, providing extensive information and points of contact At the beginning of february the 'biomindz Standortentwicklungsgesellschaft Mainz mbH i.G.' (biomindz GmbH i.G.) was founded. The formal establishment of the company therefore lays the groundwork for biomindz GmbH i.G. to commence its activities. As a wholly owned subsidiary of "Zentrale Beteiligungsgesellschaft der Stadt Mainz mbH" (ZBM), the city's h
IEVA (Independent European Vape Alliance)

World Cancer Day - Decrease smoking rates with reduced-risk alternatives3.2.2023 11:11:19 CET | IEVA (Independent European Vape Alliance)

19.7 percent of the EU population are daily smokers. [1] 700,000 people in the EU die each year as a result of smoking and every second smoker dies on average 14 years prematurely. [2] Smoking is the leading cause of preventable cancer, with 27 percent of all cancers attributed to tobacco. [3] The examples of Great Britain (smoking rate: 13.8 percent) and New Zealand (10.9 percent) show necessary measures that could serve as a template for European health policy. To educate smokers, the British and the New Zealand governments are increasingly using harm-reducing alternatives such as vaping. The UK government has put the harm potential of vaping at least 95 percent less than smoking. The risk of developing cancer is considered to be 99.5 percent lower for vapers than for smokers. These findings have been substantiated in multiple publications over recent years. [4] In the UK and New Zealand, smokers are strongly encouraged to switch to vaping [5] and healthcare professionals are encoura
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